Hutton Settlement
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Where We Are

Our Neighborhood Location

The Hutton Settlement Campus is located on more than 300 beautiful acres in the Spokane Valley just off of the intersection of Upriver Drive and Argonne Road. If you are interested in scheduling a tour, please call 509-926-1027 and request an appointment.


The Hutton Settlement Administrative Office is located in the U.S. Bank Building in Downtown Spokane.  The address is:

422 W. Riverside Ave., Suite 931 
Spokane, WA 99201.

The phone number to our administrative office is 509-838-2789.


How we are organized

Hutton Settlement is a neighborhood of care.  We have four large homes where children live in a household setting under the supervision of “house parents”.  This structure is meant to give children individualized care.


How does a child come to Hutton?

Referrals come from parents, grandparents, family members, case managers, therapists, educators, and other child welfare advocates.

The referral process can begin with a simple phone call or e-mail to our office. We will guide you through an evaluation of the child’s needs and the needs of the family. It will then be determined if living at the Hutton Settlement will be in the best interest of the child.


Placement questions can be directed to:

Pam Hydrick Social Services Coordinator 509-926-1027 ext. 12 or


Length of Stay

Children should plan to stay for at least the completion of a full school year, although some may stay through high school. Because Hutton is family-oriented and is not an institution, children with longer term placements benefit the most.



If parents/guardians wish to retain responsibility for their child without involvement from government agencies, it is possible to directly place their child/children at the Hutton Settlement. Our goal is to keep siblings together and partner with parents and guardians to create the best possible experience for their child.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to maintain contact through campus activities and weekend and holiday visits.



The Hutton Settlement is privately endowed, therefore it is not dependent on government funding for support.

No child is turned away because a parent/guardian is unable to pay.  The charge depends on the caretaker's ability to pay.